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RAW Season 1: Mrs Snook’s Diet is based on Greta Puls’ 2017 book Gut Instinct: Mrs Snook’s Diet

Hi, I’m Greta Puls and this is my RAW podcast, where I tell stories that go against the grain. And in season one, I bring history to life with the story of Mrs Snook’s Diet.

Five years ago, I was categorised as obese, showing signs of fatty liver disease, and unable to walk long distances due to a mystery ailment which the doctors told me was not arthritis but could offer no further explanation.

Around this time I rediscovered a controversial vintage raw-food diet my mother had gone on in 1980. The diet was based on a century-old alkaline diet from America, and made famous by the naturopath Dorothea Snook - known as Australia’s “nature granny”. Mrs Snook claimed her diet could cure around 70 percent of cancer cases she saw at her Radiant Health Centre in Perth, and all arthritis cases. But her outspoken personality and unshakable belief in her diet were to put Mrs Snook at the centre of a controversial court case in 1990.

Now, Mrs Snook’s story forms the basis of series one of my RAW podcast series. It’s the remarkable story of a pioneering foot soldier for the nature cure. Mrs Snook’s dietary views were ahead of their time. She was a woman who’s faith and uncompromising nature were both her greatest strength and greatest weakness.

I was attracted to the podcast medium as a way of giving voice to Mrs Snook’s family and former clients, and incorporating expert opinion on topics such as the gut microbiome and our immune system; the effectiveness, history and regulatory status of naturopathy; and what we currently know about nutrition and health.

I hope you enjoy the show!

Gut Instinct: Mrs Snook’s Diet is available now.

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